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Another Coffee Tools

Akebonno French Press
With only 58K
Finally I bought this tools after too many plan. For only IDR 58K, not really expensive actually. 

But when I use this french press, I realized that I couldn't use this with ordinary coffee. I should buy coffee bean and it's grinder to user french press. Because it can be useless if we use ordinary coffee.

Then I stil need buy coffee bean and grinder. Fyuh.

What's New?

It's been very long time after last blog post. Too much happened last day.

The main reason was this new phone, yes it's iPhone. My first Apple product. But, do you know who is more excited than me on this phone? Yes, my wife. Hahaha. She more likely to have this gadget than me. I have this gadget first because of my (my wife phone actually) Sony Ericsson X8 was broken. Then I bought this with only 3,200K. 

Few weeks ago, I went to my hometown to attend my 13th uncle wedding. Maybe next family member wedding in more than 10 years again. So I need to attend this wedding. Beside of this trip was sponsored by my mother. :D
Eka Dwi Tri Catur Panca Sad Sapta Asta Nawa Dasa
Visit my Father grave
Selfie with Granma Selfie with Great Granpa