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My 2017 Review

2017 is over few days ago. For me year used for milestone, some period that we need to improve.

Let make it simple.

Work :
1. I develop few payment gateway to my job, and did few of high priority task.
2. 3 times called by another company :, and In every company that called me, I know my weakness : technical, architectural and English skill.
3. First time I recognize my real weakness in my job : consistency and responsibility. 2 times called by lead and HR. Fortunately, my boss is a good boss. Instead of blaming me, he choose to give a chance and give another perspective on my task.
4. Hopeless Interview : Grab and Amazon Prime. There is no next phase after get message on LinkedIn.

1. 5th wedding anniversary. Hopefully, we can tighten our bonds and happiness.
2. 3rd birthday of Merida Volarea Tsurayya. Keep smart kiddo.
3. Coming Home : Kabanjahe and Banjarbaru
4. Visit Cirebon on my uncle new office.
5. Misscarriage. I still blame you RSIA Bunda Suryatni!
Recent posts

7 Week of Togetherness

Last week is kind of nightmare in my family life. We lost (future) baby. 7 week is the time that given by Allah for us. 
My beloved wife knows that she was pregnant about 3 week before. She know it because of sympton like nausea, gastritis and throw up anything she ate. One time she said that she want to surrender with this pregnancy period. But I said, No! This is our hope, wish and pray. We should not betray our pray that already given. 
Monday late night Dec 10, she asked to go emergency at hospital. We expect that she will have a good bedrest at hospital. Then I chose VIP class to make sure she had rest well and my daughter can come inside too. 
Then Allah has another plan for us. My wife got fatal allergic to Ranitidine that make her sent to ICU. She need 4'hours to get her health stable. After that, she bleeding that com out from her wombs. We afraid. We scared. But staff and doctor always said calm down, and this case need to be observed for next 2 days. 
My wife know her body …

Lyfe is Love Live

Few days ago, I've been asked by my boss to discuss something about my performance at work. I really appreciate him for everything that he give to the team, every chance and trust to his team. In that meeting, we discuss about anything that (maybe) distract my work performance. He still give a huge chance for me. Then make sure, I still have focuss to the job.

In another day, I tell this story to my wife. She told me that my boss is true. Then she told me anything about me and my character. Sometimes, critics and suggestions are harsh words for me. (Then I realized that I'm an anti critics). But when the words came from the one you loved and love you too, it's called Love. She try to make me better. As simply as that.

When we face something wrong on our life, we cannot just blame someone or something. It's must be something wrong with yourself. I just realized it now.

I always depend on someone. Less responsible. Not detail oriented. Dirty code. Not giving 110% of my…

Social Media is Toxic

You must be a social media user too. Almost all of us, the internet user have social media account. From most popular, Facebook, then Twitter and many more like Path and Instagram.

I always classified my social media account, to split its functionality. Like Facebook is for general purpose : family, old and new friend, work mate, or community friends. So I will only post something very carefully here.

Then Twitter is for update information anything on Twitterland. Even mostly, there is always any Twit War or hate speech. Or someone who always try to debate an expert. I just want to find something funny here.

Then Path and Instagram. IMO, this is the most dangerous social media based on envy level. Mostly posting on this social media can make other people envy. Especially when we cannot afford that things. Like a luxury trip, newest gadget, good camera, new car, new house. Some of us can handle those envy feelings, when other people cannot do it. They will feels so dissapointed when…

Love Hate Relationship

I love it so much, but most time when I need it .. yeah overheat, slow response.
It's my laptop COMPAQ CQ515

He already accompany me since 2009, right before I started my computer science college at IPB. AMD Athlon X2 64bit, 2GB RAM. Still can play Football Manager and PES 2013 at that era. I bought it when I lived at Semarang. I didn't expect a laptop before. But my mom see students at IPB using laptop when at university. Look cools, she said it.
Then she ask me to buy some laptop with budget under 5mio. Then I got this laptop. Thanks mom.
Most lovely time is first 3 years, so useful. More than 100mio income that i've got. Salary, project and another jobs.
When I write this post, I still using this laptop. It's lovely time.
But when I need to work remotely or using some application that using big memory like Adobe PS, I really hate this laptop. 
So please be kind to me, Compaq CQ515. :D

30 minus one

That's my age this year, nothing special with that number. I have no memories about this number, except 29 is my angkot number when I was high school at Yogyakarta. Only 6 months using angkot before given motorcycle from my brother. Honda Astrea Grand 1995, she was legendary in motorcycle world. Very economical, and highly durable.
29, it's mean more than half of my life spend far from hometown. I'm leaving hometown in 2002, when my age 14. Next 15 years spent at Yogyakarta 7 years, Semarang 2 months, Bogor - Jakarta 8 years. Some part in my heart tell something, when you go back to your hometown or maybe Yogyakarta. When your life go slower than life in Jakarta. When you no need to spend 4 hours hit the road. When you no need to spend 9 hours to work. When you can spend more time with your family.
In the other side, instead of go back. I want to pursue my dream, to study further more and more. Live at European country, get a job, build house, and spend my whole live the…

Plan and Hope for 2017

2016 almost over, just like another yearly post. I want to keep my plan and hope for 2017 here. Maybe one of you can make it happens. :)
2016 is survival years. I just need to be survive whatever it's way. Then what's happen? I have a lot of lend money. From project-less, religious camp, hospital and physio fee, Vespa repair cost, until airplane ticket that I bought to get home.
2016 get me new record about going back home. Three times in one year, it's new record for last 14 after leaving home. First was because my mom got stroke attack, second for Eid mubarak, and third for manage assets of our family.
2017, It's time to get back build our file. Here is the list :
1. Volarea get a good playgroup, just to learn about social life and have a playmate. 2. Pay off all debts. 3. Have a car. 4. Family trip before last of this list. 5. Family visit to Kabanjahe and Banjarbaru. 6. Have passive income from Banjarbaru house. 7. Have a new child?