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Love Hate Relationship

I love it so much, but most time when I need it .. yeah overheat, slow response.
It's my laptop COMPAQ CQ515

He already accompany me since 2009, right before I started my computer science college at IPB. AMD Athlon X2 64bit, 2GB RAM. Still can play Football Manager and PES 2013 at that era. I bought it when I lived at Semarang. I didn't expect a laptop before. But my mom see students at IPB using laptop when at university. Look cools, she said it.
Then she ask me to buy some laptop with budget under 5mio. Then I got this laptop. Thanks mom.
Most lovely time is first 3 years, so useful. More than 100mio income that i've got. Salary, project and another jobs.
When I write this post, I still using this laptop. It's lovely time.
But when I need to work remotely or using some application that using big memory like Adobe PS, I really hate this laptop. 
So please be kind to me, Compaq CQ515. :D