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My 2017 Review

2017 is over few days ago. For me year used for milestone, some period that we need to improve.

Let make it simple.

Work :
1. I develop few payment gateway to my job, and did few of high priority task.
2. 3 times called by another company :, and In every company that called me, I know my weakness : technical, architectural and English skill.
3. First time I recognize my real weakness in my job : consistency and responsibility. 2 times called by lead and HR. Fortunately, my boss is a good boss. Instead of blaming me, he choose to give a chance and give another perspective on my task.
4. Hopeless Interview : Grab and Amazon Prime. There is no next phase after get message on LinkedIn.

1. 5th wedding anniversary. Hopefully, we can tighten our bonds and happiness.
2. 3rd birthday of Merida Volarea Tsurayya. Keep smart kiddo.
3. Coming Home : Kabanjahe and Banjarbaru
4. Visit Cirebon on my uncle new office.
5. Misscarriage. I still blame you RSIA Bunda Suryatni!