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Volarea got Sick

Last thursday, Volarea and her mom back to home. Unfortunately, when they came home at night, I get some fever. So, when Volarea cried all night, I couldn't did anything to make Volarea stop crying.

So, I go to hospital in friday to get some treatment and medicine. In the same day, Debby and Volarea get sick too. I thought they were infected by me. Oh dear.
Until today, all of us still got cough and some fever. No real problem for Debby and me, but it really problem for Volarea. Last night, she got very high temperature (39 degree Celcius). Finally, we bring her to another doctor at Hermina Hospital then get some therapy for inhale. I very hope this therapy will work. 
Get well soon Volarea.

Back to Football Field

After long time no playing football (not futsal), finally come arrive invitation for playing football with my Laziale community. This is invitational football friendly match between Lazio Indonesia vs BP POM Universitas Indonesia.
Because of this is just friendly game, and so many player come to play. Because of that the match set up with 4 game and 30 minutes for each game.

Football field in Universitas Indonesia stadium using synthetic grass like a futsal field. And this field flat, not like average football field in Indonesia.
The game played with score 0-0, 3-2, 4-2, and 1-2. I played as center back as usual. Because no one want to play in my position.
Big Family of Lazio Indonesia Football Team, Sparring vs Karyawan UI #UI #sparring #laziale #instagood #football #fansclub #depok A photo posted by Editya Wahyu Waskito (@edityaww) on Oct 10, 2014 at 11:26pm PDT

3rd Floor, Windy, Thursday Nite, Black Out

I don't know what's on my mind now. I'm now at 3rd floor of my home, with windy weather on thurdays night and black out condition.

But, I don't know why I just think about write some blog post. Maybe fresh position and condition. I usually browsing and use this laptop on the desk or on bed. 3rd is my cat playground, because of my cat cannot come in to main room in our house. For safety of my Merida for sure. 

My 3rd floor actually equal with 1st floor my neighbour house, because of my house is lower than their house.

Lucky me, it's full moon today. 

25 Things I'm Grateful For..

I just think about write about the things I'm grateful for, then I found Simona's blog just like the topic that I wanted to write. There is a listing without order priority. Just the things that show on my head.

image :

I'm grateful for my little happy family. Lovely wife, cute daughter. I really lucky to have them in my life.I'm grateful for my great family. Great father (Hope you happy at another world), very lovely mother, supportive and great brothers.I'm grateful for learning from my father about travels. He knows everything!I'm grateful for good-enough knowledge from my mother when I'm at school (She is teacher :) )I'm grateful for good job that I have today. Great friends, Great place. No need so much time for commute.I'm grateful for motorcycle that my father given to me. It's the last thing that he give to me. It's very help me.I'm grateful for my good enough internet …

Happy Eid Al-Adh

Happy Eid Al-Adh everyone. Let's hope some day we will visit Makkah and Madinah for Hajj. Aamiiin.

This year Eid Al-Adh, I just alone at home. So, I decide to get a breakfast at a coffee shop near city center. Beside of that, this year Eid Al-Adh are different day with mostly people.